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Wedding Season soon be Here!, Look at these Amazing Handmade Ring Cushions for your Happy Day

Handmade Pocket Size Wedding Day Ring Cushions Buy Now

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My Latest Sewing Project, Furry Crazy Green Heart Shaped Cushion

Love experimenting with different fabrics, so with valentines Day Coming, I’ve created this unique Heart shaped cushion. Green Fur half to look like green Grass and the other side like stone pebble. Outcome amazing looking, you can create anything when put your sewing imagination to work:)

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Look at these Fantastic Woman Cave Embroidery Cushion covers

Forget your Man Cave Cushions, here some fantastic embroidery detail BABE Cushion covers

Woman Cave Embroidery Cushion Covers are the perfect addition to any woman’s personal space. They are made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and comfort. The embroidery designs range from Pink Babe Cave to empowering quotes, allowing each woman to express her unique personality and taste.

Contact Me on 07530505126 for further details

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Valentines Day soon be here, Love Hearts all the Way!

Might Only be January but Valentines Day is only around the corner. Take look at my Beating Hearts Collection, all handmade with beautiful navy velvet fabric with bold red embroidery details.

Available SOON to BUY in GIFT SHOP