A Delightful Embroidery Hoop Artwork Featuring a Tabby Cat


This delightful embroidery hoop artwork showcases the charm and beauty of a tabby cat. With intricate stitching and attention to detail, the artist captures the essence of the tabby’s playful and curious nature. The vibrant colors of the thread bring the feline’s fur to life, showcasing its unique stripes and patterns. The delicate embroidery work creates a sense of depth and texture, making the cat appear almost lifelike. This artwork would make a perfect addition to any cat lover’s home, bringing joy and a touch of elegance to any space.

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  • Hoop Art Embroidery- Tabby Cat
  • Machine Embroidery Art Hoop
  • 17cm Wooden Hoop
  • Hang on wall
  • Made in England
  • Handmade
  • On Trend – Must Have


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